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What’s so good about LÈ PUP dog jumpers?

What’s so good about LÈ PUP dog jumpers?

LÈ PUP dog jumpers are perfect for our loved ones requiring something long-lasting, beautifully handcrafted, perfectly-fitted and practical. A layer that’s thick enough to provide protection from the cold, is non-restrictive, and soft on delicate skin.

For puppies, we like to recommend jumpers rather than onesies. As a general rule, dog jumpers can continue to be worn even when they start to become outgrown. The bespoke nature of our products also allows us to tailor the jumpers to allow extra room for growth. By adding just the right amount of room for growth, our designs allow pups to get maximum wear out of our jumpers.

They are an extremely important layer for pups with short coats or thin skin. Older dogs can also struggle to maintain heat, and investing in high-quality jumpers for our Italian greyhounds and whippets to snuggle in is an easy way to help keep your pup warm and happy.

Jumpers are also a little easier and quicker to put on, so they’re even more practical, and great for unpredictable weather or in between seasons. They can make a great barrier from the elements and can also be layered if needed. They fit well under a raincoat if you get caught in a heavy rain downpour or a cold snap and need to add an extra layer.

Our outfits are designed for each individual dog, and that’s why we’re not limited to specific breeds. Sighthounds can be incredibly difficult to find fitted clothing for, but they’re not the only ones! It really pays to have clothing tailored to your specific pup by an expert - as no two dogs are exactly the same. Some dogs are easier to dress than others, but rest assured when you shop LÈ PUP, you know you’re getting our unique style, perfectly-fitted.

Dachshund and Italian greyhound wearing organic cotton dog jumpers


Why Italian greyhounds & whippets love to wear LE PUP dog jumpers

As we have previously mentioned, iggies and whippets (as well as sighthounds in general) are vulnerable to the cold as they have minimal body fat, thin skin and short coats that provide very little protection from the elements. In addition, their unique body shape can make it difficult to fit into other standard dog clothes. Poorly fitted clothes can be uncomfortable, our jumpers are always warm, fitted and soft on delicate skin.

When to dress your dog in a jumper

LÈ PUP dog jumpers are a great combination of warmth, comfort, and cuteness all in one glamorous package. Making them the perfect outfit for both short and long walks in cold, mild or unpredictable weather. They’re great for:

  • Windy days
  • Cool evenings
  • Play dates with friends
  • Fun days out
  • Picnics in the park
  • Early morning walks 

Remember that sighthounds like Italian Greyhounds and whippets are far more likely to be cold than hot. They really feel the cold and appreciate the extra layer.

When not to dress your dog in a jumper

This really is testament to the versatility of our jumpers, there really aren’t many circumstances when a jumper isn’t suitable. However, we do have some tips below:

  • You may want to avoid dressing your dog up in a thick jumper to go to bed

Whilst it may be appropriate in some instances, dogs can overheat and some breeds more easily than others. Keep bedtime layers light - organic cotton jumpers are a great option

  • You should always keep an eye on your pup during the hottest hours of the day and in peak summer months 

Whilst our organic cotton jumpers are light enough to wear in hot weather, if the weather starts to heat up, you can always slip the jumper off and save it for when the temperature drops. Remember that our jumpers will also provide some level of protection from UV rays - although you should still always use appropriate sun cream in hot weather. Here is the sunmist-spray that we use on our dog.

That said, there are so many countries where the weather is unpredictable and temperatures can drop dramatically, even in the warmer months. In those countries, you may wish to consider dressing your dog in a sweatshirt dog jumper. They are light enough for mild weather, fleece-lined for additional warmth and thick enough to provide your pup with the necessary protection from the elements. A warm fleece-lining makes these jumpers the perfect layer for cold nights.

What are the signs that my dog is cold?

These tend to be general signs and can depend on a number of factors including breed, size, health & age. Having said that, you can still be on the lookout for these signs, and being able to spot them is key to keeping your pup warm and healthy in the colder months. 

  • Your pup shaking. Dogs will tremble in an attempt to keep warm, but can also do this when nervous, so it’s important to know your pup. If he/she is not a nervous dog then you know they are probably cold.
  • Bunching or scrunching up their bodies. When trying to conserve body heat, dogs may pull their head down, put their tail between their legs or curl up into a ball/croissant. 
  • Standing on three paws. The three–paw-stance is warmer than standing on four paws as they tuck their leg into their body to conserve heat. They may also shift from one paw to the other.

We have an iggy ourselves and know first-hand just how quickly sighthounds like Italian greyhounds and whippets can get cold. A warm Italian Greyhound or whippet jumper can make all the difference.

What is a good dog jumper

There are some things that you always want in a jumper for dogs. 

  • Well-made, from high-quality materials. You want it to stand the test of time, a jumper is for life, not just for Christmas!
  • A jumper should be practical, easy to put on & comfortable for the pup 
  • They should be able to keep your pup warm even in cold conditions, a good jumper needs to be functional as well as fashionable
  • Most importantly, one that fits! It should go without saying, but a great fit is so important for a comfortable pup

Tips for choosing the best dog jumper for your pup (and breed)

Get the jumper tailored to fit perfectly. At LÈ PUP, we always ask for the important measurements - ensuring a perfect fit, every time. Use our measuring guide to ensure you’re measuring your pup correctly and providing us with the information we need to make the perfect jumper for your pup.

The second tip that we have for people when buying a dog jumper is considering the pup’s age. Is the pup you’re buying for under 12 months old? Do they still have some growing left to do? If the answer is yes, then you may wish for us to tailor the outfit to add extra room for growth. That will allow for maximum wear and prevents your pup from growing out of it too quickly. You may also want to consider buying a fleece or sweatshirt onesie with a little more ‘give’ in the fabric. A stretchy fabric can be worn by a growing pup for many more months than from a less forgiving fabric (such as recycled wool).

How to put a jumper on your dog

Putting a dog jumper on a wriggly pup is not always easy. Luckily, we have the tips you need to dress your pup seamlessly. Here is a video of us putting a jumpsuit on our Italian greyhound, head first, then front legs, and you’re done!


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