LÈ PUP pink striped organic cotton dog jumper for summer and beyond

Best dog jumpers for this summer | LÈ PUP

LÈ PUP organic cotton pink striped GUAVA dog jumper worn by an Italian greyhound

Best dog jumpers for this summer | LÈ PUP

Dog jumpers have been all the rage in the U.K. this summer and there are many reasons why. Not only are they great for keeping your dog out of the potentially harmful sun, but they also show off your pup's personality. Here are some things to consider when looking at dog jumpers this summer.

Benefits of using a dog jumper during summer

  • Keeping cool. It's incredibly important to keep your pup cool and out of direct sunlight as much as possible during the summer months. Sunburn doesn't only affect people, dogs are also prone to get sunburnt and will have similar symptoms to humans. They can also get heat stroke really easily, which is incredibly dangerous for dogs. Wearing a thin layer can help protect your pup from both sunburn and heatstroke, so it's really important to make sure you have a dog jumper with you when you set out on your summer adventures.
  • Hypoallergenic. LÈ PUP outfits also come in long sleeve (dog jumper) or short sleeve (dog t-shirt) and they all cover the entire chest. The organic cotton is hypoallergenic, really soft and comfortable, especially for dogs with short fur and little or no undercoat. As our dog jumpers are made to cover the entire chest and front legs, your pup's delicate skin is protected when running through long grass (a fairly common allergen for dogs). Running through long grass can often lead to an uncomfortable rash, and LÈ PUP dog jumpers will help to keep your pup safe and feeling comfortable. That makes them perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitive skin. If for any reason your pup isn't wearing a jumper or they do get a grass rash, washing your pup when you get home or giving them a wipe with a wet flannel should ease the rash caused by grass.
  • Customisability. With LÈ PUP you get the option to customise your dog's outfit. You can fully customise the neck length and sleeve length to ensure your pup is both comfy and stylish. Mock necks are very much in fashion at the moment but you can opt for a longer turtleneck if you want a more classic look and more protection from the sun. Of course, every single one of our outfits can be made to measure for a perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort for your special pup.

The benefits of sustainable dog jumpers

When looking for sustainable dog clothing, you should consider the benefits of organic cotton. Kind on the environment and your dog's skin, our 100% organic cotton dog jumpers are are GOTS certified. This means that the cotton is made without the use of harmful chemicals and the processes are held to extremely high standards. Our organic cotton is milled in the U.K. and sustainably handmade in our London studio by our talented designer & seamstress. All of our packaging is eco-friendly to go along with all the other environmental benefits. These stylish and ethically made LÈ PUP jumpers for dogs are perfect for keeping your furry friend cool and comfy all season long. So why not take a look at LÈ PUP's eco-collection today? Your pooch will thank you for it! 

How to choose the right jumper for your dog

There are so many benefits of wearing LÈ PUP dog jumpers, now lets discuss which jumper to choose. When it comes to choosing the right jumper for your dog, there are a number of things to consider. An important factor to consider is the material, you want to make sure it's a thin layer during peak summer months. We would recommend organic cotton as the perfect solution to your summer dog wear needs. Not only is it light and thin, it's also delicate on sensative skin. When dressing your dog for the summer, you want to go with light, breatheable materials such as LÈ PUP organic cotton. Protecting your dog from the sun and mitigating the risk of overheating is key. You should be trying to avoid layers which are thick such as polar fleece or wool during the warmer months, but they are perfect for the winter months. Next you need to consider your pup's style and character. Choose something that reflects their personality, they're more than just a pet - don't miss out on the opportunity to show it! You can also dress to impress and you can decide whether you want your pup's style to match your own. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to find the perfect look for your pup.

Italian greyhounds wearing custom dog jumpers in front of graffiti

How to take care of your sustainable dog jumper

LE PUP's jumpers are machine washable, as are all LE PUP outfits and bedding, making them easy to care for. Organic cotton dog jumpers do requre a little extra care than usual and we recommend washing them on a delicate cycle and not tumble drying. It is always best to follow our care & washing instructions as organic cotton can shrink on a hot wash or in the tumble dryer.

What do LÈ PUP customers say about our popular dog jumpers

"These green jumpers are fabulous! I ordered two matching ones for both my adopted whippets. The fit is perfect, very soft cotton fabric. When we first received the order and tried the clothing on the dogs- they willingly and almost demandingly spent the entire day in them prancing around feeling good :) "


LE PUP customer review of PETIT POIS whippet dog jumpers


How to measure you dog

Remember, it's super important to give us your dog's measurements to ensure a perfect fit! The best way to do this is to follow our LÈ PUP measuring guide. Made from organic cotton and fitted with style, these jumpers will have your furry friend looking fabulous while keeping them comfortable.

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