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LÈ SAC - Dog Snuggle Sack (Dogtooth)

LÈ SAC - Dog Snuggle Sack (Dogtooth)

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Introducing LÈ SAC (Dogtooth) by LÈ PUP – the ultimate solution for your pet's comfort needs.

This quilted, triple-layered Dog Bed serves as a dog cave bed, travel dog bed, and dog mat, all rolled into one. Offering a stylish and practical alternative to conventional beds, our snuggle sack provides a cosy, safe space for pets to burrow deep. Reversible and machine washable, it's perfect for at-home use, travel, or outings.

LÈ SAC caters to your pet's natural sleeping instincts, offering safety, support, and the freedom to fluff their sleeping space. Cats also adore the privacy and security it provides.

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Design: Catering to pets with varied sleeping preferences, this sleep sac transforms effortlessly into either a cosy cave bed or a calming donut bed, providing a snug and secure space for your pet, ensuring a sense of security and protection.

Quick drying materials.

Thick wadding offers added comfort and cushioning.

Soft Fleece Interior: Creates a warm and plush environment for your pet to snuggle into.

Quilted Construction: Enhances both durability and elegance while effectively trapping air for even warmth distribution, ensuring peak snugness.

Foldable Design: Allows for easy storage and transport, making it convenient for travel or storage when not in use.

Stylish and Practical: Combines a fashionable aesthetic with functionality, ensuring your pup's comfort while effortlessly complementing your home.


Dogtooth: 100% Polyester
Wadding: 100% Polyester
Fleece: 100% Polyester

Care Instructions

Machine wash @ 30°C
Mild detergent only
No fabric softener
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

Absolutely stunning soft cool beautifully made, so excited to take this everywhere we travel for my baby Italian greyhound to snooze in!
Thank you for producing such a genius item 🙏


Fantastic quality and excellent customer service. I bought this for my daughter's whippet who loves to be covered up when sleeping but couldn't manage it on his own. I was unsure as to what size to go for but Anthony gave excellent advice which resulted in the perfect fit. After a few days of showing him how to get into Le Sac he soon got the hang of it and now loves to snuggle inside. He is a very happy whippet!

The best!

Long story :-) my 5 yr old whippet is a nester with a servant (me). This servant is fed up being woken in the night to replace her bedding umpteen times because she's cold (despite her 'clothes'). All other snuggle type beds tried have been flatly refused by Miss Diva. Saw the Le Pup sac after much googling and with excellent help and advice from Anthony purchased XL to allow room for nesting before snuggling. The clever design means the top stays open when folded back and she can get in , you can arrange it in whatever configuration you need to suit your dog thanks to the structure, and the workmanship and fabric is absolutely superb. It's early days .... avoided it for a few days as tho it was a bomb about to go off, then dared to go in to find treats ... with quick reverse out (just too scary), yesterday she actually laid down (with me!) in it for a few minutes after eating the treats... so I have high hopes and am quietly confident she'll eventually learn it's the best place to be. It's portable and also a soft mat. Perfection. A Diva without a night servant ... that will be perfection too! Highly recommend, both product and service. Simply superb. Thank you! :-) Sorry no pic ... yet!

Jackie Morris
Well made and excellent materials

An excellent service in helping me with selecting the best size for my whippet. The Le Sac is lovely and soft and very well made. My dog was a bit scared of it at first (but that’s just him), and he’s getting used to going inside and sleeps soundly in it when he does.

Linda Davey
Beautifully made

The sac is lovely quality but as its a Christmas gift for my dog (Libby) she hasn't yet had chance to try it out! Will let you know how she gets on after Christmas!!
Good that Le PUP advise on correct size of SAC for Libby by asking for her length and height!